About the Department

We engage in activities of benefit to public health. We have a long history of knowledge exchange and cooperation with public institutions, including municipalities, regions, hospitals, general practices and interest groups. Our Department has a particular cooperation with Central Denmark Region. Furthermore, we have a close cooperation with the Research Unit for General Practice.

We apply our academic knowledge to areas through which we, on a substantiated basis, can influence the development of society. Scientists from the Department of Public Health are members of various councils, boards, associations and committees where the views of scientists are very relevant.

The Department of Public Health spans a number of academic areas, including humanistic, biomechanical and biological sport science, care and nursing, interaction between patient and nurse, health promotion, research in biostatistical and epidemiological methodology, diet and health, reproduction, environmental toxicology, occupational medicine, air pollution, arctic environment, prevention of public diseases in general practice, rehabilitation, social medicine, health economy, health services research, physical activity and health, welfare and health in children and young people, qualitative method, international health.


It is our vision to contribute to the advancement of public health, nationally and internationally, through research and education. We communicate research results to the public, to relevant research environments and to other interested parties and participate in implementing research results.


The Department of Public Health contributes to the education of medical doctors at the degree programmes in Medicine. Further, our Department provides several courses to the PhD programme at Health, e.g. Postgraduate Course in Basic Biostatistics and Postgraduate Courses in Research Methodology.

The Department offers a number of public health degree programmes: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programme in Public Health, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programme in Sport Science, Master’s Degree Programme in Nursing, Master's Degree Programme in Health Science, Supplementary Subject Programme in Health Science and Master’s Degree Programme in Clinical Nursing.