Humanistic Sport Research

The research unit ”Sport and Body Culture” at Section for Sport Science works within a humanities/social sciences framework. The unit focuses on the study of sports and body culture based on anthropological, sociological, philosophical, historical and psychological theories. The current areas of interest are:

1)      Doping in elite and recreational sports and

2)      Sports and ethics

3)      Sports psychology

4)      Body culture

5)      Bio-politics

Members of the research unit teach in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes of Sport Science.


  • Anti-doping strategies - An interdisciplinary research programme aimed at improving anti-doping work
  • Bigger muscles and more sex - A study on the use of doping in fitness environments
  • Body ethics - On the limits to the rights of the body
  • The unit hosts the International Network of Doping Research, INDR. Please see for more info

Scientific milestones


  • Cultural analysis
  • Literature studies
  • Qualitative research methods