Physical Activity and Health

Interdisciplinary research in Physical Activity and Health

In 2012, “Physical Activity and Health” was identified as one of three strategic research groupings at the Department of Public Health with the aim of strengthening the interdisciplinary research in physical activity and to exploit the opportunities for research collaboration and synergy effects having emerged in the wake of the merger between the former Department of Sport Science and the Department of Public Health.

The objective of this research grouping is to support and further advance research activities within physical activity and health across our eight sections: Sport Science, General Practice, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Clinical Social Medicine and Rehabilitation, Environment, Occupation and Health, Health Promotion and Health Services, and Nursing together with our local, regional, national and international collaborators.

Within the framework of “Physical Activity and Health” we intend to …

... do research, study and innovate by drawing on our core competences within physiology, health science, biomechanics, molecular biology, biostatistics, qualitative methods, epidemiology, sociology and anthropology, etc.

make technology top of the agenda as we believe that a transparent data infrastructure is the best way to facilitate the collection of complex data on exercise and health and so to facilitate detailed and thorough analyses based on state-of-the-art methods within biostatistics and epidemiology. Hopefully, this will stimulate further cross-sectional collaboration at the Department of Public Health.

… disseminate scientific publications to all interested parties on our web page, by email and at meetings between members of the research grouping.

… create awareness of and make visible the core competences of our researchers to all - and in particular new - employees of the Department of Public Health.