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  • General Practice
    ... Over the past 10 years we have conducted the ADDITION study, which
    evaluates the benefits and disadvantages of a high-risk screening program ... - 28k - Cached
  • Almen medicin
    ... intensive multifactorial therapy on 5-year cardiovascular outcomes in individuals
    with type 2 diabetes detected by screening (ADDITION-Europe): a ... - 28k - Cached
  • Kandidatspeciale En kvalitativ metasyntese om uhelbredelige ...
    ... experiences incurable patients with lung cancer had in addition to their illness”
    Summary ... lung cancer had in addition to their illness. ... - 650k - Cached
  • International Network of Humanistic Doping Research
    ... Governments have, in addition to their involvement in WADA, transformed
    a common policy into the UNESCO Convention which provides a legal ... - 19k - Cached
  • INDR editorial, October 2016
    ... dates in your calendar. In addition, you may regard this newsletter as
    the first call for papers! Abstracts should be between ... - 38k - Cached
  • INHDR commentary, Yoshitaka Kondo
    ... In addition, recent high school physical education texts include content
    on the Olympic movement and doping for the first time. ... - 39k - Cached
  • INHDR commentary, van de Ven & Mulrooney
    ... In addition, economic incentives were found to be a minor motivational factor
    for selling PIEDs as many traffickers were driven by motivations ... - 47k - Cached
  • The Physical Fitness Testing Core Facility (FIT)
    ... In addition, FIT operates a training facility including various training
    equipment. Booking. If you are interested in using our ... - 26k - Cached
  • June 2015
    ... As we have done with past INHDR conferences, in addition to our formal
    banquet on August 28th, we will be organizing an informal gathering on ... - 56k - Cached
  • Book of Abstracts
    ... Meldonium Madness and lessons for future additions to WADA's Prohibited ...
    mismanagement came into sharp relief with the addition of meldonium ... - 135k - Cached