Steering group

The Steering Committee consists of representatives from Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus University, Central Denmark Region and the umbrella organisation, Danish Patients. The aim of the Steering Committee is to guide the centre. 

Steering Committee

  • Chief Nursing Officer, Inge Pia Christensen, Aarhus University Hospital (Chair)
  • Head of Department of Public Health, professor Ole Bækgaard Nielsen, Aarhus University
  • Head of Programme for Patient Involvement, Lisbeth Kallestrup, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Professor Helle Terkildsen Maindal, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University
  • Researcher Louise Pape Larsen, representing the hospitals in Central Denmark Region, Hospitalsenheden Vest
  • Professor Hilary Bekker, Research Centre Patient for Involvement, Aarhus University
  • Associate professor and deputy lead Lotte Ørneborg Rodkjær, Research Centre for Patient Involvement, Aarhus University & Aarhus University Hospital
  • Patient representative, Deputy Director Annette Wandel, Danish Patients
  • Representative primary health, professor Bo Christensen, Research Unit for General Practice, Aarhus University
  • Administrative support, Ditte Lucia Heldtberg, Research Centre for Patient Involvement, Aarhus University Hospital    

Functions of the Steering Committee

  1. To provide strategic and communication guidance to the centre;
  2. To provide communication guidance to the centre;
  3. Review and analyse the opportunities and constraints faced by the centre
  4. Consider and review national and international partnership proposals for the centre
  5. Co-opt experts and organisations into the Steering Committee on a case by case basis and according to need;
  6. Use influence and authority to assist the centre in achieving its outcomes.
  7. Support resource mobilisation and stakeholder engagement
  8. Consider and review strategy, operational plans and financial reports for the centre, including approval of annual work plan and budget;
  9. Ensures the activities, outputs, outcomes and expenditures are aligned with terms for the funding of the centre;
  10. Ensure transparency, accountability and that the controls and risk management system of the centre is robust and defensible
  11. Assess the overall performance, progress and changes of plan for the centre and report to Aarhus University, Faculty of Health and Central Denmark Region.     

Frequency of meetings

The Project Steering Committee will meet twice a year on a six monthly basis for three hours. One of the biannual Steering Committee meetings will take place in January to discuss the Annual Work Plan and budget for the project for the year to come.