Organising Public Health

The focus of research is the health care system and its stakeholders (citizens and professionals) as well as organisations. Health is practised and understood at individual level, in relations between people, in public, voluntary and private organisations as well as at society level. This unit works with exploring, describing and analysing how professionals, volunteers and citizens manage health and public health issues in the health care system. The unit is engaged in investigating change processes in the health care system in relation to current political agendas and specific programmes within health in general. The unit focuses on users, health professions, organisations, cross-sectorial collaborations and health technologies.


Professions play a central role in the services offered to elderly citizens  and professions have the opportunity to strengthen the quality of intersectoral coordination. The purpose is to develop a conceptional understand of intersectoral agency in professions during organisational changes and to analyse the intersectoral coordination carried out by professions in various contexts. The intention is to contribute to the development of central components in the establishment of well-functioning intersectoral professional practices.
Intersectoral coordination is a major challenge in the Danish health care system; in particular in relation to efforts in prevention. Moreover, there is a lack of knowledge on how to organise these efforts. The aim is to analyse the organisation and practice of intersectoral coordination in lifelong prevention based on preventive efforts at women with gestational diabetes (GDM) and their families in Denmark.

Digital documentation practice in the municipal health care sector
The purpose of this project is to study how citizen pathways are affected by municipal health professionals’ digital documentation practices and how health professionals’ practices change with the implementation of digital documentation.

Health in Denmark
Findings from the web archive. Integration of digital technologies in the health care sector is rapidly increasing and has far-reaching implications for citizens, health professionals and institutional practices. Thus, the development of mhealth as a concept and practice is both interesting and valuable. The aim is to examine the concept of mhealth as it has appeared on Danish web pages during the past decade.

Scientific milestones

An Aarhus University Research Foundation grant for a research stay at the unit for associate professor Ellen Kuhlmann, Hannover, has been granted. She will work with health workforce governance, professions and people-centredness in public health.


The unit is characterised by using humanistic and social science theories and methods to study how public health is practiced in the current context, as well as unfolding both the critical and the practical potential of qualitative approaches.