Alexander Kolliari-Turner

Alexander Kolliari-Turner

PhD Student, University of Brighton, School of Sport and Health Sciences, UK 



Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, Muscle Memory, Gene Expression, Doping, Transgender Athletes

Alex is currently a PhD student at the University of Brighton and is working collaboratively with the University of Rome "Foro Italico" on a human study entitled "Implications of RNA-seq in the detection of anabolic steroid use and the harnessing of the molecular mechanism(s) of muscle memory". Alex is also collaborating with other researchers at Brighton on another research project entitled "The Tavistock Transgender Athlete Study". Alongside measuring changes in performance, this study is aiming to investigate the proposed "muscle memory" mechanism of myonuclei retention in transgender individuals undergoing gender-affirming treatment.  Alex has also published research articles related to the usage of anabolic steroids in sports (particularly weightlifting and other summer Olympic sports) and how often doping has been identified retrospectively via sample re-testing.