Bram Constandt


Bram Constandt

Ghent University, Belgium


Bram Constandt is affiliated with Ghent University as a researcher in sport management (ethics). He holds a MA in history (Ghent University) and a MS in public management and policy (KU Leuven). He is currently finalizing his PhD project on ethics management in football clubs on the Olympic Chair Henri de Baillet-Latour-Jacques Rogge at Ghent University. This project considers how football clubs may be successful in tackling ethical issues such as doping and match fixing, by applying ethical codes and ethical leadership principles. Several studies related to this project have been published in academic outlets such as Journal of Business Ethics, Nonprofit Management & Leadership, and Journal of Sport Management.

Besides his PhD research on ethics management, he is involved in several studies with a specific focus on doping. For example, he is co-authoring a journal article with professor Jan Tolleneer on the history of anti-doping policy in Flanders (Belgium). Moreover, he is also supervising a master thesis in sport management on the support of different stakeholders for a harm reduction approach on doping in cycling. Finally, he is currently working on a postdoctoral research grant proposal with regard to the influence of the anti-doping system on the (mental) well-being of athletes.