Dimitris Liokaftos

Dr Dimitris Liokaftos

Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths University of London, UK


My interest in doping has emerged out of my research on the historical development of elite bodybuilding. I am intrigued equally by the experimental technologies and fantasies of enhancement and what these reveal about the societies that foster them. In this light, part of my work approaches the elite sporting body as a privileged site in a larger mosaic of human activities that (re-)produce social stratifications, flows of capital and definitions of the ‘good life.’ 

I am also interested in doping research in recreational sport and its implications for analysis and policy in the fields of public health and education. My focus is on gym/fitness culture as a key site where practices, meanings and networks of performance enhancement are enacted and negotiated.  

I am currently developing a research project on drug-free (‘natural’) bodybuilding which I am critically investigating as an ‘alternative’ model of thinking and practicing bodies that is framed in juxtaposition to a dominant culture of enhancement.  My analytical perspective lies at the intersection of the sociology of body, health, gender and popular culture.