Jocelyn East

Senior Policy and Researcher Officer Jocelyn East

Sport Canada & Ottawa University, Canada


Jocelyn is a Ph.D. (Sport History) graduate from Laval University with a M.Sc. in Sport Ethics, and a B.Sc. in Physical Education. He is currently engaged in post-doctoral studies at the University of Ottawa in Sport Psychology and is conducting a qualitative study on ethical and non-ethical behaviour in sports, such as doping and violence.  He was previously a research advisor for sport at the Quebec government, and spent several years at the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, as Anti-Doping Education Manager. He is now a Senior Policy and Researcher Officer (Ethics in Sport and Anti-Doping) with the Canadian government at Sport Canada. He has published several peer reviewed articles and publications on sport ethics, anti-doping education, and sport history, in both French and English. His research work focuses on ethics in sport, from a behavioral and historical angle, as well as and on the importance of quality sport for the holistic development of the individual. He also teaches at the University of Ottawa.