Kathryn Henne

Lecturer Kathryn Henne, PhD

University of Melbourne, Australia


Dr. Kathryn (Kate) Henne studies the relationships between regulatory systems and how various actors come to understand doping, both in relation to formal rules and embodied practices. She is the author of Testing for Athlete Citizenship: The Regulation of Doping and Sex in Sport (Rutgers University Press, 2015), which is based on a six-year, multi-sited ethnographic study of the development and institutionalisation of regulatory technologies aimed at protecting fair play in sport. Her ongoing research on doping focuses on cross-cultural differences in approaches to and understandings of anti-doping regulation in sport (with James Connor and Vanessa McDermott), how populations beyond elite sport go about obtaining and using performance and image enhancing drugs, and how different jurisdictions regulate access to performance and image enhancing substances.


Kate Henne