Pieter Bonte

Doctoral researcher Pieter Bonte

The Bioethics Institute Ghent, Belgium.

He has had research visits granted at the Oxford University Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, the Hastings Center and the Yale University Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics. 


I cast a critical eye in the other direction, investigating the possible nonsensicalness, unfairness and immorality of pro-talent, anti-doping spirits of sport. 

From humanist, existentialist and virtue ethical beginnings, I first question whether it makes any sense to live by one's 'talents', excavating to what extent talent-motivated lives fall foul to (crypto)creationist beliefs - believing one should do 'what one was made for'.

Second, I question the fairness of 'talentocracy': a protectionism of the unmerited privilege of those 'blessed' with talent - the 'natural aristocracy' - while obstructing the less-lucky to emancipate themselves out of natural incapacitation. 

Finally, I ask to what extent the popular interest in 'pure' and 'clean' performance bespeaks an interest to see the 'alpha-males & females' prevail who are genetically, hereditarily superior; a gene-centrist interest that may fall foul to atavistic evolutionary psychology if not to eugenic thinking - far cries from morality.