Rodrigo Pardo

Rodrigo Pardo, Ph.D

Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


My main research interest is the study of doping in sport from social sciences perspective, specifically ethics and doping prevention. In addition, I'm also interested in studying sports as means of education and socialization, and positive youth development through physical activity and sport. I participated in the organization of the IV International Congress 'Sport, Doping and Society' held in Madrid in February 2014 and I've been a member of the international research group that obtained one of the Social Science Research Grants from WADA. At present, I'm involved in a research project funded by UNESCO's Fund for Elimination of Doping in Sport and AEPSAD (former Spanish Antidoping Agency). Currently, I'm teaching 'Sport Psychology' and 'Sport and Social Values' at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.