October 2016


By Ask Vest Christiansen and John Gleaves

Dear colleagues. We did not succeed in getting the INDR September Newsletter out before the month was over. We will not tire you with redundant excuses on how September has been extraordinary busy for the two INDR directors, only say that while we are late; we do have important news and information to share with you in this newsletter.

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Why I chose to stay as a USA Cycling Anti-Doping Advisory Board member


By John Gleaves

Following twenty-four hours of travelling from Los Angeles, California to Athens, Greece, in late May this year, I received news that Paul Dimeo had been asked to step down as chair of USA Cycling’s Anti-Doping Advisory Board. Paul had resigned following a journalist’s misleading article that depicted him as an advocate for legalizing certain substances on WADA’s Prohibited Substance List.  Much has been discussed about Paul’s resignation, so I will not rehash the issues here (but for a quick brush-up, see the INDR editorial from June 2016). I simply wish to articulate the reasons I chose to continue as a member of USA Cycling’s Anti-Doping Advisory Board.

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