September 2013

INHDR editorial - ""It's not the size of the ship…"

The september editorial entitled "It's not the size of the ship..." is written by Ask Vest Christiansen, Aarhus University and John Gleaves, California State University, Fullerton. Read it here

INHDR commentary - Patterson & Erickson

Two research students from the Doping in Sport research group at Leeds Metropolitan University reflect on their experience of this year’s INHDR conference. Read the commentary here

Special issue in PEH

In the upcoming months we will be looking forward to receiving your papers for the special issue of Performance Enhancement and Health. You should go to log in as author and then choose "INHDR 2013" in the drop down menu (Choose Article Type) when submitting your paper. Deadline for submission is 1 November 2013.

Profile on website

Finally, can we please ask members of the network to go to their profile page at to check if everything is as you want it to be, and send eventual corrections/updates in text and information to the network secretary, Carsten Kraushaar Martensen: . He will then make sure that your profile page is up-to-date