Editorials 2009-2012

January Michele Verroken: "Will 2012 be the year for anti-doping resolution?". Download
December Sarah Teetzel: "Divorcing Drug Testing and Sex Testing in Sport". Download
November Ask Vest Christiansen: "Holy Smoke!". Download
October Bernat López: "Anti-doping and nationalism, not such an odd couple". Download
September Ivan Waddington: "Whatever happened to evidence-based policy". Download
August Verner Møller: "Does (anti-)doping work at all?". Download
July Martin Hardie: "Cyclists, Health, Anti Doping and Medical Monitoring - A better approach?". Download
June Jason Mazanov: "Doping in Sport, Doping in Society". Download
May Verner Møller: "UCI's No Needle Policy". Download
April John Gleaves: "The Role of Cross-Disciplinary Research on Doping, or: How I Came to Stop Worry and Love P-Values". Download
March Dag Vidar Hanstad: "The suspicion towards Russia". Download
February Michele Verroken: "What prohibition tells us about sport?". Download
January Andreas Kimergård: "Policy recommendations to deal with ‘academic doping’ in Denmark — a successful transfer of a doping control framework?". Download
November Bernat López: Anti-doping ideology and Protestant ethos: is there a connection?". Download
October Giselher Spitzer & Elk Franke: ""Translating Doping"". Download
September Martin Hardie: "Who would have thought?". Download
August Verner Møller: "The tide is turning?". Download
July Bengt Kayser: "The tour 2010: ready to roll". Download
June Mike McNamee: "Doping, Modernity, and professionalism". Download
May Martin Hardie: "Ghandi once wrote that...". Download
April Rob Beamish: Facing Reality: What Own the Podium Means for High-Performance Sport". Download
March Paul Dimeo: "The challenges facing anti-doping education". Download
February Ask Vest Christiansen: "Health-enhancing doping controls?". Download
January John Hoberman: "Therapy versus Enhancement: May Policemen and Golfers Take Androgens?". Download
December Dag Vidar Hanstad: "WADA: Ten years - ten challenges". Download
Nobember Michele Verroken: "Changing times - this year's prohibited list and what it really means". Download
October Ivan Waddington: "Pseudophedrine - back on the list of banned substances". Download
September Verner Møller: "Has WADA given up on the idea of a level playing field?". Download