Perspectives on Doping and Anti-Doping

Welcome to the series: Perspectives on Doping and Anti-Doping.

This is a new venture led by Dr. Paul Dimeo, Dr. April Henning, and Dr. Jörg Krieger (of the INDR leadership team). Our aim is to collect accounts from athletes and other relevant stakeholders of various anti-doping experiences they have had, both good and bad. The INDR has always taken a balanced approach to the debates within this subject area and welcomed participants from a wide range of organisations. As academics, we have the opportunity to present a range of perspectives and therefore to allow and give a platform for debate about the foundations of anti-doping, the implementation of education, testing and sanctions, and potential future directions.

We are fully aware that athletes' voices can sometimes be lost, overlooked, or ignored. This can happen in the processes of policy making, testing, or the appeals process. This is especially true of athletes at the lower end of the competitive spectrum, or those who have countervailing views on doping and anti-doping. This series of accounts is designed to address this deficiency. We are interested in hearing from athletes, athlete support personnel, lawyers, and organisational managers with first-hand experience with anti-doping testing, legal processes, or policymaking.

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Disclaimer: The texts and interviews do not represent the opinions of the INDR members or their employers. They belong solely to the author or interviewee.