Johan Bruyneel

Johan Bruyneel is a former professional cyclist who raced in the 1990s for teams including ONCE and Rabobank. He became directeur sportif for several leading teams from 1999 to 2012 (US Postal Service, Astana, RadioShack). He was banned by USADA for 10 years for his involvement in the US Postal case. This ban was increased by WADA in 2018 to lifetime. In this interview, he explains what happened in the aftermath of the USADA Reasoned Decision and why he thinks he has been unfairly treated in the initial decision by USADA then subsequently in appeals and arbitration processes. He also reveals a situation in which another organisation offered him an interesting proposal of a reduced ban, which involved manipulating his affiliation in return for information (note: he refers to a document but we decided not to publish it for legal reasons). Overall, the interview highlights key issues relating to anti-doping rules and legal systems. The attached documents were provided by Johan Bruyneel.

Open letter from Johan Bruyneel

Table of witnesses

Listen to the podcast with Johan Bruyneel here.

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