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About The Physical Fitness Testing Core Facility - FIT

The Physical FITness Testing Core Facility (FIT) was founded at the Faculty of Health, Aarhus University in 2015 to serve researchers and research groups.

FIT is located at the Section for Sport Science, where it offers physical exercise testing and biomechanical analysis of all groups of subjects in the areas of cardiopulmonary measurement, muscle mechanics, motion capture and body composition analysis. FIT is operated by Section for Sport Science, Aarhus University. The team is highly experienced and offers advice on setting up protocols and analyzing data.

FIT offers tests to other parts of Aarhus University, other universities, businesses etc.


FIT has three state-of-the-art cardiopulmonary measurement systems for gas analysis (AMIS, Oxycon Pro and Oxygraf) and three blood analyzers (YSI 1500 Sport, YSI 2300 and Biosen C-Line) at its disposal. It operates a variety of treadmills and ergometers for exercise intervention (i.e. Monark, SRM, Woodway Pro and Concept 2).

Furthermore, FIT has isometric and isokinetic dynamometers (Humac Norm) and force plates (AMTI) for measuring muscle mechanical properties. Movement is analyzed on a high-speed 3D motion capture system for advanced biomechanical analysis (Qualisis).

Lastly, FIT operates a Lunar iDXA scanner for body composition analysis.


FIT specializes in tests and measurements in the following areas:

  1. Cardiopulmonary measurement/online gas analysis i.e. VO2, VCO2 and VE. 
  2. Blood sampling and analysis i.e. lactate and blood glucose.  
  3. Biomechanical measurements i.e. force, power, EMG and movement analysis.
  4. Body composition i.e. fat mass, muscle mass and bone density

In addition, FIT operates a training facility including various training equipment.


If you are interested in using our facilities at FIT, please contact us:

Email: (Please write a short description of the project)
Phone: +45 87 16 84 19
Mobile: +45 23 23 41 45


FIT is financed by user payment on project basis. Pricing depends on equipment requirements and time consumption.

Please contact FIT for a quote.

Phone: +45 87 16 84 19

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Location & Contact

The Physical Fitness Testing Core Facility
Section for Sport Science, Aarhus University
Building 3410
Dalgas Avenue 4
DK-8000 Aarhus
Phone: +45 87 16 84 19
Mobile: +45 23 23 41 45

For further information, please contact:

Associate Professor Kristian Overgaard
Phone: +45 87 16 81 74

About FIT

The test facility was originally founded in 2007 to provide the most optimal testing possibility at the Section for Sport Science, Faculty of Health.

In 2015, the facility was established as a core facility with several years of experience within physiological testing and biomechanical analysis.