December 2017

INDR editorial, December 2017

By Ask Vest Christiansen and John Gleaves

Nothing could be further from our minds than self-praise. Then again. We must acknowledge that the INDR conference in August once more demonstrated the importance and significance of the work of INDR scholars. Even if this conference may be small in terms of absolute numbers of participants, quite a few delegates approached us to say how it, unlike most other conferences, is characterised by an unusual high percentage of quality papers. 

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A road to a new perspective in doping prevention – One size does NOT fit all

By Sigmund Loland, Professor, Norwegian School of Sport Science.

Use of performance-enhancing drugs (PED) in sport is controversial and a complex ethical, scientific and practical issue. One challenge is the gap between references to the values of sport, or what in WADA’s terminology is called ‘the spirit of sport’, and operative anti-doping work. General statements on sport values s of little help in line drawing between what are considered acceptable and non-acceptable means and methods. I will propose one way of bridging this gap by outlining a biologically informed ideal of natural athletic performance.