September 2015


By Ask Vest Christiansen & John Gleaves

New name, same great network

No, that’s not a typo on the newsletter. The new name of the network is: The International Network of Doping Research – INDR. At the business meeting held in conjunction with the recently convened conference it was decided to omit the notion ‘Humanistic’ (and the letter ‘H’ in the acronym) in the network’s name. The reasoning is that ‘humanistic’ may be excluding scholars from social science disciplines such as sociology, psychology, criminology and law. Also in some scholars’ ears the term ‘humanistic’ bears reference to medieval studies and notions and not present day challenges associated with sport and body culture. This was obviously never intended – and members know that the network is not, and never has been, exclusive or monopolistic on any single academic discipline.
So in no way does the name change signal a change in direction for the network, its mission, or its members. In fact, it brings us closer to the intended mission, which has always been “to understand the doping phenomenon in its broadest social, cultural, and political dimensions.” The term ‘humanistic’ was originally intended to distinguish the doping research accommodated by the network from the more scientific oriented doping research directed at e.g. developing new drug testing methods. Again, this profile of the network is well known by its members and those who have attended the biannual conferences over the past ten years. In order not to deter potential members away simply because they do not feel that their work fits the category ‘humanistic’, the members have voted (unanimously) to welcome this name change so long as the identity remains the same. Hence, without having changed the content or our aims and activities we are now The International Network of Doping Research – INDR. As always you can find more information on the network by looking at