Patient and Citizen Involvement in Healthcare

Patient and citizen involvement interventions are designed to improve the reasoning between multiple stakeholders in healthcare, i.e. the patient and their family, the professional and their team, and patient-professional interactions.

The research unit leads and collaborates on research to design, implement and evaluate these complex interventions such as patient decision aids, patient reported outcome measures, clinical decision support, shared decision-making, and supported self-management.

Our expertise is in using different methods such as systematic review, qualitative interviews, observational studies and questionnaires as well as designs, either survey, cohort or trial, within inter-disciplinary projects. We provide guidance, expertise and training on building multi-stakeholder research teams, and integrating patient-partners within the research process.

Current research projects include:

  • Measurement of, and attitudes towards, patient involvement interventions
  • Evaluating patient-professional involvement interventions in care home and clinics
  • Investigating patient-partners in research to design, implement and evaluate patient involvement interventions

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