Learn more about health, diet and the climate

Bring your colleagues or family along to hear about lab-grown meat, climate-friendly dietary recommendations, the causes of overweight, and much more.


  • Drop by Aarhus University Hospital on Friday 28 April from 1:00 - 5:00 pm.
  • Registration is not necessary, and the event is free of charge.

Sustainability is not just about electric cars and wind turbines; it is also very relevant from a nutritional perspective – and here the research and innovation environments in Aarhus have a lot of knowledge to share.

So when the Ministry of Higher Education and Science announced Sustainability as one of the themes of the Festival of Research 2023, the Food and Nutrition Network proposed that Aarhus should host a major event on health, diet and the climate.

This has led to the Faculty of Health and a number of business partners hosting this year’s official closing event for the Festival of Research – and you are welcome to attend.

Sustainable = healthy?

“We wish to spread awareness of nutrition in a sustainability perspective. And we want to show that we have a strong position in this area in Aarhus,” says Niels Jessen, Professor and Head of Research, who is chair of the Network on Food and Nutrition.

Consequently, anyone who is interested – whether from the general public or staff members at AU and AUH – are welcome to come to an exciting afternoon in the new Forum building at Aarhus University Hospital.

At this four-hour event, you will learn more about what health and sustainability are all about in 2023 – both for yourself and for the planet. You can hear presentations and participate in workshops, all of which will deal with nutrition and/or sustainability.

You can for example hear about:

(the talks will be in Danish)

  • Cell-based diet – Is it healthy to eat meat that has been grown in a laboratory?
    With: Jette Feveile Young, Associate Professor at the Department of Food Science at AU Tech
  • Learn more about overweight
    With: Jens Meldgaard Bruun, Professor at AU Health, consultant at Aarhus University Hospital, Steno Diabetes Centre Aarhus, and Head of the Danish National Centre for Obesity
  • Official dietary recommendations – tips on healthy and climate-friendly eating habits
    With: Christina C. Dahm, Associate Professor at AU Health
  • Do diets work?
    With: Bjørn Richelsen, Professor of nutrition at AU Health and consultant at Aarhus University Hospital, Steno Diabetes Centre Aarhus
  • The brown bear and nature’s solutions to dietary challenges – hear about how the diet of bears has inspired research into overweight and cardiovascular disease
    With: Ole Frøbert, Professor at Aarhus University and Steno Diabetes Centre, Aarhus

You can see the whole programme here.