About us

The Research Centre for Patient Involvement (ResCenPI) provides a forum for people to collaborate across organizational boundaries on patient involvement intervention research, training and implementation.

ResCenPI welcomes people from all health-related stakeholder groups to contribute to our vision of providing, and disseminating, evidence-based practices enabling people to be involved effectively in health care of relevance to their everyday lives.

ResCenPI is led by Professor Hilary Bekker and Associate Professor Lotte Ørneborg Rodkjær, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, Denmark.


The centre provides evidence enabling patients, relatives and health professionals to be involved effectively with health care of relevance to peoples' everyday lives. It provides guidance for all to innovate and change involvement practices within health care.


This international research and knowledge centre: 

  • Critically evaluates Shared Decision Making and Self-Management Support interventions and research to inform pragmatic, evidence-based models enhancing patient involvement in everyday healthcare;
  • Investigates health professional integration of components known to enhance involvement of patients and relatives along health and illness pathways;
  • Assesses the impact of patient involvement interventions on patient and relative experience, clinical health indicators, professional practices, and organisational readiness for increased patient involvement.


Based on collaboration, methodology, knowledge dissemination and sustainability the centre aims to:

  • Work in collaboration with patients, relatives, professionals, health scientists and other stakeholders to design research innovating and evaluating patient involvement interventions in health care;
  • Employ high quality and innovative methods to guide the design of patient involvement interventions, and evaluate their impact on patient and health professional experience, health outcome indicators, service delivery and people’s everyday lives;
  • Share evidence and disseminate knowledge in meaningful ways for patients, relatives, health professionals, researchers and other stakeholders;
  • Develop patient involvement interventions of benefit patients, relatives and health professionals that are adopted within health care.    

Our story

ResCenPI is building on achievements since 2012, from an established group of clinical researchers integrating into clinical practice through the previous "Programme in Patient Involvement" at Aarhus University Hospital headed by Kirsten Lomborg. The Programme has provided considerable experiences with patient involvement, as well as research activities mainly through PhD projects and Postdoc positions. Since 2013 an interdisciplinary 10 ECTS course “Citizens' and Patient Involvement: Theory and method for new practice forms” has been offered at Aarhus University, Health as well a PhD course entitled “Patient and Public Involvement in Health Research” has been offered since 2017. Furthermore a Journal Club focusing on patient and public involvement has been established since 2012 at Aarhus University, Health. 

ResCenPI held their first symposium and opening on Wednesday 29th of January 2020.


ResCenPI is a collaboration between Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus University and Central Denmark Region.

Central Denmark Region has provided funds for the first three years and Aarhus University Hospital provides facilities for the centre. The centre provides the framework and the necessary infrastructure for research, education and dissemination of research results across different clinical practices and disciplines, and contribute with research initiatives in patient involvement in different patient pathways.