Clinical Public Health

Most of the Danish population is in regular contact with their general practitioners, and many are referred to hospitals needing optimal care, optimal communication, the possibility of active treatment involvement, and potentially subsequent rehabilitation.

What we do

We explore how general practice can support individuals to live healthy and receive optimal physical and mental care. We explore the challenges faced by citizens, patients and the health professionals in the health care system including possible active patient involvement at all stages. We also develop and explore implementation, monitoring and assessment of rehabilitation interventions offered to patients with different diseases.

Who we are

This research area consists of four research units: General Practice, Health Services & Rehabilitation, Nursing & Health Care and Patient & Citizen Involvement Interventions. Furthermore a number of research groups within the research units specialise in selected sub-areas such as Digital Health, Multimorbidity and Fundamentals of Care.

Meet Assistant Professor
Cecilie Nørby Lyhne

She dreams of contributing with new knowledge in areas of significance for nursing practice and disease prevention.

Meet Professor
Morten Bondo Christensen

For which types of patients are video consultations used in the Out of Hours Primary Care Service (OOH-PC), and what are the benefits of using this option?