December 2020

INDR editorial - December 2020


By April Henning, Jörg Krieger and Paul Dimeo

As we head towards the end of 2020, we can’t ignore the challenges and upheaval of the past year. We hardly need to reiterate the effects of Covid-19 on societies around the world, as we are all living through our own versions of pandemic life. From an academic standpoint, many of us will spend many years to come sorting out the repercussions of the near complete halt of global sport this past spring and the ongoing impact of the global health crisis on all physical activities. This includes the impacts on doping behaviors and anti-doping efforts on all levels.     

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Perspectives on Doping and Anti-Doping


We launched a new initiative just over a year ago called Perspectives on Doping and Anti-Doping. The idea was to keep the discussion going between conferences by offering the opportunity for individuals to present accounts from their specific perspective. While there is no intention to become lobbyists, we are raising the more critical issues which often get lost in the headline stories of scandals or complexities of legal cases. As anti-doping testing increasingly widens to include amateur and masters athletes, there are many more cases where athletes are disproportionately affected by policies designed for elite athletes who have the support of nutritionists, doctors and anti-doping educators.

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Journal Watch: June - November

By Katharina Gatterer and Emmanuel Macedo           

A list of doping-related publications from our members and others between June and November 2020    

Aboagye, E., Yawson, J., & Nyantakyi Appiah, K. (2020) Doping practices, knowledge of anti-doping control and roles of physical education teachers in anti-doping education. Social Education Research, 1(2), 173-184.

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Adknis, A. (2020) Trapped in the binary divide: How forced contraceptives violate the World Anti-Doping Code. American University International Law Review, 35(3), 531-576.

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