March 2013

INHDR Editorial

The editorial is written by John Gleaves, California State University, Fullerton and Ask Vest Christiansen, Aarhus University. Read the editorial.

Reminder – call for abstracts for the 2013 INHDR conference

We would like to take the chance to inform you that the deadline for abstract submission to the INHDR conference to be held in Aarhus, 15th and 16th August has been extended to April 1st.

Essay from Mike McNamee on "The Spirit of Sport and the Medicalisation of Anti-Doping"

In his commentary, McNamee suggests that "Cannabinoids should be retained on the Prohibited List; that its use may be thought of as doping; and that the Spirit of Sport criterion, though vague, is still a defensible criterion for the demarcation of “doping”".

The INHDR wish to give thanks to Asian Bioethics Review and its Editor Alastair Campbell for providing free access to this article