The price depends on the project's scope, duration, and purpose and is agreed upon in advance.

Examples of Prices for Exposure Experiments

The price for using the chambers described below is for either:

  • 24 people, tested at 3 levels of exposure, or
  • 36 people, tested at 2 levels of exposure.

Price Example 1:

For a project that includes handling GCP (Good Clinical Practice) rules and documentation, managing trial subjects including physiological measurements, blood sampling, etc., establishing an environmental exposure, and conducting the experiment, this will cost approximately:

Net: 1,215,800
OH (Overhead) 44%: 534,952
Total: 1,750,752

Price Example 2:

If the same experiment is conducted without the need for assistance with biological measurements on the trial subjects, this will cost approximately:

Net: 765,800
OH 44%: 336,952
Total: 1,102,752

Price Example 3:

If the experiment involves only different climate scenarios Tp, rH & AcH, and own evaluations of the trial subjects, this will cost approximately:

NET: 328,000
OH 44%: 144,320
Total: 472,320

Approval of Project Before Start

Since it involves human trials, time must be allocated for the VEK (Ethical Committee) and GCP unit to approve the protocol before we can start.

This typically takes 6 months.

This task must be completed before a final budget and contract can be drafted.

  • Payment is made by further agreement.
  • Before the start of the project, a cooperation agreement must be drafted and signed.

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