The Climate Chambers

Among the best in the world for studying how environmental conditions affect human health.

What service do we offer?

The Climate Chambers are used for exposure and health studies, where the climate is controlled, and various types and precise levels of exposures in the air can be simulated using the chambers' advanced equipment to measure the direct biological and cognitive effects on humans.

The Climate Chambers consist of two stainless steel chambers, where we can control and regulate all parameters down to the smallest detail.

Control of Climatic Conditions

In the climate chambers, we can conduct experiments that require precise and documented exposure to specific climatic conditions. These can include, for example, a desert climate (dry-hot), arctic climate (dry-cold), or tropical climate (humid-hot).

Exposure via the air

We can simulate different types and precise levels of exposure in the air using the advanced equipment in the climate chambers.

The exposure can be in particle and gas form, e.g. smoke from stoves, cooking and candles, as well as NOx filters from pollution from diesel cars or in the form of e.g. pollen, dust mites etc.

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