Community care and older people’s well-being

Our research addresses primarily three areas. Firstly, we study the caring for older people in municipality contexts as seen by older people, their close relatives and their healthcare professionals. The goal is to develop supportive initiatives that meet the challenges faced by older people’s relatives and healthcare professionals.

Secondly, we conduct research in existential aspects related to well-being. Here, our goal is to illuminate aspects of well-being while living with chronical illness.

Last, but not least, our research focuses on community care. We aim at pointing to factors of importance in the future organisation of hospital-home discharge processes and follow-up health care plans.

Research areas

The research group’s current projects fall into the following areas:

  • Transitional care
  • Recovery post discharge
  • Early discharge
  • Ageing and being dependent on help
  • Residential care
  • Cultures within homecare
  • Coorporation between hospital nurses and community nurses
  • Phenomenology and hermeneutics as research approaches
  • Dignity and well-being for older people

Recent publications

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Group members

Mia Bolther

PhD Student

Annelise Norlyk

Professor, degree programme director


Annelise Norlyk

Professor, degree programme director