Existence and Rehabilitation

In the research group, we focus on existence and rehabilitation in cases where the circumstances for life are permanently changed or changing, either suddenly or due to long-term illness. Our research aims to answer the question of how healthcare professionals best support the respective individual in living a meaningful life with illness or disability.

We gain knowledge through a phenomenological approach to unravel and explore the meaning of living with changing life conditions, and to understand, identify and illuminate healing processes. Furthermore, we make use of a complex interventions approach to support the understanding and integration of individual experiences in a healthcare context with multiple agents.

Research areas

Currently, our research falls within these areas:

  • The meaning of narrative in the healing process
  • What it takes for nurses to support the patient’s healing process towards a meaningful life
  • Stay healthy despite low back pain  
  • Arts as means to maintenance of health and the healing process
  • Better living with Parkinson’s disease
  • Being a carer to a person with Parkinson’s disease
  • The experience of advanced treatment and Parkinson’s disease
  • What is it like to attend PD dance classes?

Recent publications

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