Relationship-based Caring Science

Caring science emphasizes life history, feelings and life phenomena of the individual. The research we carry out focuses on three elements: The first element is relationship-based caring. Here, our goal is to achieve the right distribution of responsibility in health professional-patient collaboration. The second element concerns the meaning of existence, and our goal with our efforts within this field of study is to underline the importance of existential life phenomena. Finally, the third element focuses on competencies with an ambition to develop sensory-focused, situational attention and courage.

We aim to deliver results that:

  • promote the right solutions to the right person at the right time and place
  • meet the individual patient’s demands in interaction with standards
  • help patients move from experiences of dependency and loss of control to experiences of achieving harmony with  themselves
  • develop a caring approach in the health care meetings.

Research areas

In the research group, we conduct research within the following areas, among others:

  • Development of a framework for professional nursing care and caring
  • Home care nursing:
    • Nursing in the future –  essential concepts and issues
    • The use of social determinants
  • Care for patients with cancer:
    • Uncertainty of hospitalized patients
    • The suffering of spouses
    • The impact of alternative medicine
  • Patient participation:
    • The healthcare professionals' perspective
    • The impact of patient participation during hospitalization
    • Development of interventions

Recent publications

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