Vaccination epidemiology

In 2019, the WHO put vaccine scepticism on their top 10 list of global threats to public health. We experienced it ourselves in Denmark when introducing the HPV vaccine, and there has been discussions in connection with vaccination against COVID-19.

When we introduce vaccines to a large number of citizens, symptoms that actually have other causes may occur in temporal relations with the vaccines, just by accident. If the true causes of the symptoms are unclear, then the vaccine will often be a tangible explanation in the hunt for a cause. Thus, our research aims to contribute to greater confidence in the vaccination programme by identifying the actual side effects and by rejecting side effects that have other causes.

Research areas

We have a particular focus on non-specific symptoms. We often cannot find information about these in the registers, and, it is therefore necessary to collect the information directly from the citizens.

Currently, our research focuses on two projects:

  • Possible side effects from Corona vaccine
  • Possible causes of symptoms after HPV vaccination

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