Acute Primary Care Research

Danish citizens must be able to contact a doctor around the clock. Outside normal opening hours for general practitioners, people with acute onset or aggravated illness can call the emergency medical services, which are responsible for about 75% of the period in which citizens may need emergency treatment.

In Denmark, we have five different emergency medical services that each cover a specific region, and the services have become an integral part of other emergency services in the healthcare system. The research group embraces projects covering the entire spectrum of the emergency healthcare system. For example, emergency medical services, emergency rooms/emergency wards, the medical helpline 1813 and the emergency number 112.

Research areas

In recent years, the group has carried out a large number of research projects on emergency medical services, particularly in Denmark and the Netherlands. We collaborate with many different parties within adjacent areas of the emergency healthcare system.

Among other things, we conduct research into:

  • The acute button
  • Antibiotics prescribed by emergency medical services
  • Motives for contact
  • The organisation of telephone consultations
  • Video consultations with emergency medical services
  • Task delegation in the emergency medical services

The research group is also part of the European Research Network EurOOHnet.

Recent publications

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