Our research focuses on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with CHD in general practice. To achieve this, we use a broad range of methods including RCT, epidemiological, health economic and qualitative studies. A major goal is to transform our findings into daily clinic.

We study  clinical behaviour in general practice and explore mechanism  and factors that influence it. Together with patients, clinicians and health care organisations we develop, test and evaluate complexe interventions that can improve clinical practice and patient treatment in general practice.  

My research is focused on diagnosis and treatment of patients with mental disorders in General Practice.

My research area is acute conditions in primary care. Our group has among others performed studies about triage and organization with focus at the out of hours service. We are also interested in the use of video consultations for acute contacts.

We focus on strengthening Primary Health Care in low- and middle-income countries as well as in Denmark. Developing and testing sustainable models for integrated, comprehensive, community-oriented care delivered through a Primary Health Care team of health professionals and volunteers.