Digital health

In Denmark, we have a solid foundation for the digitisation of the healthcare system. The patient’s medical records may be viewed by clinicians across the regions in Sundhedsjournalen (the National Health Record), while Det Fælles Medicinkort (the Common Medicine Card) provides access to a combined, up-to-date overview of the medicine prescriptions of the patient across the entire healthcare system.

Improved digital collaboration on health can help to secure a more coherent treatment process for the individual citizen – across the individual contacts with the various sectors and stakeholders in the healthcare system. 

New technology offers new opportunities, as well as new challenges, in the health sector. We have established digital solutions in a wide range of areas, but the field will require further development if citizens are to experience the healthcare system as a cohesive network which, while it is distinctly digital by nature, is focused on the human being.

Research areas

The research group involves both the citizen and general practitioner as active partners in the digital field and examines how the new digital solutions are affecting the everyday lives of the patient and the general practice.

Our research areas include:

  • general practice community’s experience in use of digital consultations
  • decentralised clinical trial concept to monitor disease progression
  • multi-level perspective on digital health in general practice
  • impact and efficacy of mobile health intervention.

Recent publications

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Group members


Ulrik Bak Kirk

Project Coordinator