Quality Improvement and Interventions

The research group for Quality Improvement and Interventions studies what affects clinical behaviour in both general practice and across sectoral boundaries. Together with patients, clinicians and healthcare system organisations, we develop, test and evaluate interventions that can contribute to improving clinical work and patient treatment in general practice.

We look for insight into the mechanisms that determine clinical behaviour, and we examine how interventions can affect this behaviour. We also look at the best ways to implement new initiatives into everyday clinical work.

Research areas

The research group works in a cross-disciplinary and theory-based manner, and we use both qualitative and quantitative research methods. When developing new complex interventions, we follow the MRC concept and use rapid-cycle, user-inclusive methods.

Among other things, we conduct research into:

  • Medicine optimisation in nursing homes
  • AK treatment in patients with atrial fibrillation
  • Patient involvement among patients with multimorbidity and who are socially disadvantaged
  • Clinical decision-making support
  • Use of video consultations in general practice.

Recent publications

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