Work and Health

Work is a key part of most people's lives. We work to earn for a living, but in addition, work is also about community, social relationships and professional identity. In our research group, we explore how work affects health.

At work we encounter chemical, biological, physical, ergonomic and psychosocial exposures. By using newly collected and register-based data, we investigate how these exposures influence our health. We focus on how occupational exposures directly influence workers’ health, but we also explore how the work of parents and previous generations can affect children's health.

In addition, we identify determinants for exposure in order to inform preventive initiatives at the work place.

Research areas

The group’s research projects fall within the following areas, among others:

  • Working life exposome and respiratory health
  • Preconception and early life occupational exposure and offspring health
  • Pesticide exposure and health
  • Dust, microbial exposure and respiratory health
  • Occupational exposures and asthma

Recent publications

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