My research is centrered around two overarching topics: sport and body culture with particular focus on elite sports and body cultural ekstremes, and physical and mental health issues related to such phenomena as doping in elite sport, extreme sports, gambling, obesity and bodily mutilations.

Associate Professors

I study doping and drug use in elite- and recreational sport. I address the athletes’ perspective, to understand the motives and values that lie behind their decisions. Likewise, I examine organisations’ policies on eligibility and their strategies to prevent drug use and other unwanted behaviour.

I study the history and current issues of sport policy and politics, with a focus on the Olympic Movement. Within this framework, my research explores the history of international sport organizations and their leaders, the interlinks between sport and state politics, and elite sport participation.

Assistant Professors and Postdocs

I am a qualitative researcher and philosopher studying the relationship between bodies and virtual technologies. In this regard, I primarily research esports performance as a bodily phenomenon, as well as online spaces and their bodily significance specifically for autistic individuals.