Nursing and Healthcare

Research in health and nursing focuses on people at all stages of life and on the responsibilities undertaken by nurses and health visitors. Our research projects concern the challenges faced by citizens, patients and health professionals and take into account the societal and structural context in which the health care system operates. 

In the Research Unit for Health and Nursing, we prioritise close cooperation between hospitals, municipalities and educational institutions. Our research is an integral part of the health sector, and it is conducted across institutional and sectoral boundaries.

Nursing theories and other relevant scientific theories combined with clinical practice is the focal point of our research. We strive to create cohesion between the Bachelor’s degree programme in Nursing and the Master’s of Science programme in nursing (Nursing Science and Advanced Practice Nursing). And a similar approach is applied with respect to the Professional Master’s degree programme in clinical nursing (Master of Clinical Nursing).


When tackling a given research question, we always use the most suitable research methods, be it quantitative, qualitative or intervention methods or mixed methods with qualitative methods as the core component. To this, we can add implementation and action research and complex interventions.

Together with national and international collaborators, we continuously develop our methods and subject area.

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